What we think of others and how bullying has changed.

We don’t really think much about it. Today I just have one of those days where I’m thinking about strangers that I see in my ordinary school day. I’m thinking about how weird it is that we’re going all to the same school but know soo less about eachother. you see day in and day out the same faces without knowing their story, family background or actual circumstances. But you still judge them. We all judge people without knowing anything about them or even thinking about it.

What I think is funny about it, we do it unpurpose. We don’t mean to judge, but it still happens. When you see someone that looks kind of different of what you’re used to see, don’t the words like “what a weirdo” or “thank god I don’t look like this” come to your mind. we all have thought it before to be completely honest.

But is it right to judge from the beginning? No it’s not. And this as well.. We all know. We shouldn’t judge people from the beginning.

But what can we do against it? Well always when I judge someone from the beginning, I think… God made this person just perfect! This person is a masterpiece of god, just like we all are. I think everybody deserves a chance to show their character.

I have been going to school now for quite a while. I’ve seen a lot of bullying and I’ve bullied a lot when I was a child, unfortunately. Kids got herassed and they were called things, they got pushed around and people were just mean to people.

I don’t know if it’s because of I’m going to school now with young adults and that I’m one myself or if this all has seriously changed. I don’t see obvious bullying anymore at school. I think this got different. They talk bad behind peoples back, pretend to like them and just talk nasty stuff about those people all over, wether it’s online or in school. So basically, people don’t really know what others think of them because nobody tells nomore. Is that any better?
No this is worse! I can’t imagine being comfortable with people surrounding me that I don’t know of how they think about me. Back in the days they told each other what’s going on. You knew very soon if someone didn’t like you. That’s why for me it’s important to be completely openminded and direct to the people around me.

Bullying is stupid. Bullying is nonsense and unnecessary. We all live on the same planet and we should all respect one another cuz we all got the same right to be here. And honestly, but do you want to be responsible for a tear on someones cheek or even for a depression.. Do you want to tell yourself, if I wasn’t that way, that person would be way better off!

Cellphones instead of conversations

Throughout the time a lot has changed. When looking at the usage of cellphone, there has been a massiv change. I’m a person that travels a lot. I’m everyday for an hour in a train and move around some cities like Thoune or Berne in Switzerland. Rightnow I’m sitting in a train and I’m writing about cellphones. I’m using my cellphone rightnow which makes me missout on the beautiful landscape or the beauty of the lake.

I see all these people around me with their heads down and typing or reading something on their phone. Not many are talking to eachother cuz everybody has their earphones pluged in. Is this how it is supposed to be? Well I don’t think it’s such a big deal when people are using their phone in public transportation.

But honestly, our civilisation started to use phones when spending time with friends or when they are surrounded by loved ones. Cellphones turned out to have such a big importance in our life and we can’t imagine being without them. In my opinion that is just sad and also dangerous for our social life.

I mean, what happened to us? We’re going out with friends or traveling together with people we know and then other than talking to them we’re on our phone doing whatever. Where is the point then on meeting up with someone at a coffeshop or in town. I’m wondering how people can spend so much time on their phone? What’s there to do that can’t wait until you’re alone? I just think this is ignorant and stupid.

I guess our population came to the point where it’s important to stay connected the whole time. We need to update a photo on Instagram, share a load of unnecessary crap on twitter or we have to play some stupid games on the internet. Isn’t that a waste of time?
Or what’s about the unnecessary talks we have on a social network app like whatsapp while we don’t know what to talk about when we’re face to face with that person.

For example, I see friends of mine that are in a relationship and their texting with their girlfriend or boyfriend on a constant basis. Eventhough their going to the same school together and see eachother everyday. Still when they don’t see them after school they just keep talking to eachother over the phone. Texting, texting and more texting. I don’t know how people can do that but I’m one of those that would go insain.
I was in a far distance relationship for more than a year. I talked to my girlfriend in Minnesota like once a week over skype for like an hour. That’s not a lot but for me it was enough. I can’t be connected all the time. We all need time for ourselves sometimes. We have to calm down and relax. Being on the phone the whole time also effects your social life in a lot of ways. You start seperating yourself and lose track over your friendships and things that seriously matter. It can be compared with an addicton. We wouldn’t go to a place for a cuple of days where there is no service. In my opinion this is completely ridiculous and stupid.

Well of course cellphones also are a big blessing but it’s being abused way to much. We spend to much time with doing unnecessary stuff on the phone and we will all come to that point where we realize how wrong this is. You might think about it.

Who am I?

Hi everybody! I’m new on this platform and just wanna to get to know things. Just wanna figure out how this all works and I’m collecting some new experiences.

So is there any better way to get started than with writing about myself?

just some facts

Well, my name is Timon and I’m 19 years old. I live in a small versatile country in the middle of Europe called Switzerland. I’m a fulltime student and work at 2 jobs to earn some money for my big passion, traveling!

It’s monday afternoon right now and I just got off school and I’m heading home at this moment by train.
School started at 9:30am this morning and I got off school at 2:30pm. This doesn’t sound like a big school schedule but it still is hard to motivate myself for it since it’s monday. Don’t we all have the same problem? ^^ I don’t know how it works in other countries but in Switzerland we just all have no motivation and nobody likes to go to school. That might come from our strict education system. We do not have the opportunity to get education on topics or subjects that we are interested in like they have at High Schools in the United States. I used to live in Minnesota as a high school exchange student in 2010/11. That’s for where I got to ability to compare school in Switzerland and America.

I have a load of work waiting for me to get done when I get home. Dishes are waiting and the floor has to be cleaned. I live in a small appartement together with my best friend Martin. We both have big interests in different countries and cultures which is the reason why our place looks more like a travel agency than an appartement.
We host travelers from all over the world at our place through couchsurfing.org which is a community through which you can travel and live at someone’s house during your trip. We don’t make money with this but we just enjoy the experience which is definetly worth more than money.

In my free time I enjoy photography and all kinds of sports. But mostly I love to be surrounded by the people I love. I’m on of those that enjoys being sorrounded by people more than anything. I’m not so good on being alone. 🙂

Well, here is my first post and I’m sure there are many more to come. 🙂